Finding Purpose

/ March 23, 2017

This will be the first blog post I have ever really written so bear with me as I stumble my way onto this scene. I will always appreciate any constructive feedback whether it’s positive or negative, so feel free to leave comments on everything I ever post.

This first post is somewhat of a purpose statement for why, after years and years of using computers, building things, and interacting with online communities, I would want to start a blog now as a 28 year old father and soon to be husband. Honesty is always the best policy with me, and I won’t ever intentionally deprive any of my readers of the same honesty. I decided to start writing for a selfish reason initially. I have always written privately as a means to decompress and relax, and after a few years of not doing that, I found myself looking for an outlet to share aspects of my life’s journey as I am going through it.

In the past 8 years I have cemented a career in generation, bought my own house, built a detached garage, and after all of that, I met my fiance and we had our son 4 years after. With everything that has gone on, I wanted to tell these stories, new and old.

So to start this endeavor off, I will be posting stories in approximate chronological order. Following that, I want to use this blog as a motivator to continue writing and working on projects relating to all the topics that interest me. So expect some building projects around the house, some gaming videos, and some stories about finding out what it has meant to grow up and learn how to navigate this wild ride we all call life.

So thanks for reading and hope to hear that something I wrote was something you can relate to or even helpful to you in some small way.